Style.RegisteredCssClass 屬性


取得使用控制項註冊的階層式樣式表 (CSS) 類別。Gets the cascading style sheet (CSS) class that is registered with the control.

 property System::String ^ RegisteredCssClass { System::String ^ get(); };
public string RegisteredCssClass { get; }
member this.RegisteredCssClass : string
Public ReadOnly Property RegisteredCssClass As String


目前執行個體用來在頁面上註冊的 CSS 類別名稱。The CSS class name with which the current instance was registered on the page.



您可以使用屬性來取出已向控制項註冊的 CSS 類別。 RegisteredCssClassUse the RegisteredCssClass property to retrieve the CSS class that is registered with the control.

樣式是在目前頁面上使用RegisterStyle方法註冊的,它會在頁面上尋找<head runat="server"``>目前實例中的屬性放在類別名稱底下的內嵌樣式<style>表單中的專案(以元素表示)與相關聯的控制項唯一的。A style is registered on the current page with a RegisterStyle method, which looks for a <head runat="server"``> element on the page where the properties in the current instance are placed in an embedded style sheet, represented by a <style> element, under a class name unique to the associated control.