TableRowSection 列舉


指定 TableRow 物件在 Table 控制項中的位置。Specifies where a TableRow object is placed in a Table control.

public enum class TableRowSection
public enum TableRowSection
type TableRowSection = 
Public Enum TableRowSection


TableBody 1

TableRow 位於 Table 的主體中。The TableRow is placed in the body of the Table.

TableFooter 2

TableRow 位於 Table 的頁尾中。The TableRow is placed in the footer of the Table.

TableHeader 0

TableRow 位於 Table 的標頭中。The TableRow is placed in the header of the Table.


TableRowSection列舉會指定物件是否 TableRow 放在控制項的主體、頁首或頁尾中 TableThe TableRowSection enumeration specifies whether a TableRow object is placed in the body, header, or footer of a Table control.

TableRowSection列舉表示 TableSection 類別之屬性的可能值 TableRowThe TableRowSection enumeration represents the possible values for the TableSection property of the TableRow class.

TableRowSection列舉可讓您使用控制項建立可存取的網站 Table ,方法是將 thead 、和專案加入 tbody tfoot 至呈現給用戶端的 HTML 中。The TableRowSection enumeration enables you to build accessible Web sites using the Table control by adding the thead, tbody, and tfoot elements to the HTML that is rendered to the client. 如果資料表中的所有資料列都在 tbody 元素中,則不會轉譯區段資訊。If all rows in a table are in the tbody element, the section information is not rendered. 至少有一個資料列必須在非主體元素中。At least one row must be in a non-body element.

使用宣告式語法時,區段必須依照下列順序:頁首、body 和頁尾。When using the declarative syntax, the sections must be in the following order: header, body, and then footer.