ControlType.CheckBox 欄位


識別核取方塊控制項。Identifies a check box control.

public: static initonly System::Windows::Automation::ControlType ^ CheckBox;
public static readonly System.Windows.Automation.ControlType CheckBox;
 staticval mutable CheckBox : System.Windows.Automation.ControlType
Public Shared ReadOnly CheckBox As ControlType 




您可以使用核取方塊作為獨立控制項或另一個控制項類型中的子控制項。A check box can be used as a standalone control or as a subcontrol in another control type. 例如,方格控制項中的資料列開頭的核取方塊,用來選取用來操作內容的資料列 () 會出現在 [控制項] 視圖中,但不會出現在內容視圖中。For example, a check box at the beginning of a row in a grid control that is used to select the row (used to manipulate the content) appears in the control view but not in the content view. 不過,表單中代表資料的標記核取方塊位於 [內容] 和 [控制] 視圖中。However, a labeled checkbox in a form that represents data is in the content and control views.