SelectionPattern.Current 屬性


取得這個的目前消費者介面自動化屬性值 SelectionPatternGets the current UI Automation property values for this SelectionPattern.

 property System::Windows::Automation::SelectionPattern::SelectionPatternInformation Current { System::Windows::Automation::SelectionPattern::SelectionPatternInformation get(); };
public System.Windows.Automation.SelectionPattern.SelectionPatternInformation Current { get; }
member this.Current : System.Windows.Automation.SelectionPattern.SelectionPatternInformation
Public ReadOnly Property Current As SelectionPattern.SelectionPatternInformation



結構,包含控制項模式的目前消費者介面自動化屬性值。A structure containing the current UI Automation property values for the control pattern.


這個模式必須來自具有參考的,才能 AutomationElement Full 取得目前的值。This pattern must be from an AutomationElement with an Full reference in order to get current values. 如果 AutomationElement 使用取得 None ,它只會包含快取的資料,而嘗試取得任何屬性的目前值會引發例外狀況。If the AutomationElement was obtained using None, it contains only cached data, and attempting to get the current value of any property raises an exception. 使用 Cached 取得先前使用所指定之屬性的快取值 CacheRequestUse Cached to get the cached value of a property that was previously specified using a CacheRequest.

如需可用屬性及其用法的詳細資訊,請參閱 SelectionPattern.SelectionPatternInformationFor information on the properties available and their use, see SelectionPattern.SelectionPatternInformation.