Clipboard.ContainsImage 方法


查詢 [剪貼簿] 中是否有 Bitmap 資料格式的資料。Queries the Clipboard for the presence of data in the Bitmap data format.

 static bool ContainsImage();
public static bool ContainsImage ();
static member ContainsImage : unit -> bool
Public Shared Function ContainsImage () As Boolean


如果剪貼簿包含 true 資料格式的資料,則為 Bitmap,否則為 falsetrue if the Clipboard contains data in the Bitmap data format; otherwise, false.


只有當指定的資料格式原本就存在,或在剪貼簿上當做可自動轉換的資料格式時,這個方法才會傳回 true。這個方法不會檢查自動轉換的資料格式是否存在。This method returns true only if the specified data format exists natively or is available as an auto-convertible data format on the Clipboard; this method does not check for the presence of auto-convertible data formats.

點陣圖代表電腦圖形,做為記憶體中的位陣列,而這些位代表影像中個別圖元的屬性。A bitmap represents a computer graphic as an array of bits in memory, and these bits represent the attributes of the individual pixels in an image.