ContentElement.IsEnabledCore 屬性


取得值,這個值會成為衍生類別中 IsEnabled 的傳回值。Gets a value that becomes the return value of IsEnabled in derived classes.

 virtual property bool IsEnabledCore { bool get(); };
protected virtual bool IsEnabledCore { get; }
member this.IsEnabledCore : bool
Protected Overridable ReadOnly Property IsEnabledCore As Boolean


如果已啟用該項目則為 true,否則為 falsetrue if the element is enabled; otherwise, false.


繼承者注意事項Notes to inheritors

這個屬性的預設執行會快取值,也會計算此專案的父元素是否已啟用。The default implementation of this property caches the value and also calculates whether the parent element of this element is enabled. 如果未啟用父系,則不能在實際的使用者介面中有效啟用子項目。If the parent is not enabled, the child element cannot be effectively enabled in practical user interface. 如果您選擇覆寫此實作為,請確定您已呼叫基底實作為保留此行為。If you choose to override this implementation, make certain that you call the base implementation to preserve this behavior.