ContentElement.MouseLeftButtonDownEvent Field


識別 MouseLeftButtonDown 路由事件。Identifies the MouseLeftButtonDown routed event.

public: static initonly System::Windows::RoutedEvent ^ MouseLeftButtonDownEvent;
public static readonly System.Windows.RoutedEvent MouseLeftButtonDownEvent;
 staticval mutable MouseLeftButtonDownEvent : System.Windows.RoutedEvent
Public Shared ReadOnly MouseLeftButtonDownEvent As RoutedEvent 

Field Value



註冊路由事件時,會建立路由事件識別項。Routed event identifiers are created when routed events are registered. 這些識別項包含用於加入事件擁有者的識別名稱、擁有者類型、處理常式類型、路由策略和公用程式方法。These identifiers contain an identifying name, owner type, handler type, routing strategy, and utility method for adding owners for the event. 您可以使用這些識別項來加入類別處理常式。You can use these identifiers to add class handlers.

如需註冊路由事件的詳細資訊,請參閱 RegisterRoutedEventFor more information about registering routed events, see RegisterRoutedEvent. 如需使用路由事件識別項來加入類別處理常式的詳細資訊,請參閱 RegisterClassHandlerFor more information about using routed event identifiers to add class handlers, see RegisterClassHandler.

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