ContentElement.OnTouchLeave(TouchEventArgs) Method


提供 TouchLeave 路由事件的類別處理,而這個事件會在觸控從此項目內部移至其範圍外時發生。Provides class handling for the TouchLeave routed event that occurs when a touch moves from inside to outside the bounds of this element.

protected public:
 virtual void OnTouchLeave(System::Windows::Input::TouchEventArgs ^ e);
protected internal virtual void OnTouchLeave (System.Windows.Input.TouchEventArgs e);
abstract member OnTouchLeave : System.Windows.Input.TouchEventArgs -> unit
override this.OnTouchLeave : System.Windows.Input.TouchEventArgs -> unit
Protected Friend Overridable Sub OnTouchLeave (e As TouchEventArgs)



包含事件資料的 TouchEventArgsA TouchEventArgs that contains the event data.


OnTouchLeave 方法沒有預設的實值。The OnTouchLeave method has no default implementation. 覆寫衍生類別中的 OnTouchLeave,以處理 TouchLeave 事件。Override OnTouchLeave in a derived class to handle the TouchLeave event. 請務必呼叫基類 ' OnTouchLeave 方法,讓基類接收事件。Be sure to call the base class' OnTouchLeave method so that base classes receive the event.

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