DataFormats.EnhancedMetafile 欄位


指定 WindowsWindows 加強型中繼檔格式。Specifies the WindowsWindows enhanced metafile format.

public: static initonly System::String ^ EnhancedMetafile;
public static readonly string EnhancedMetafile;
 staticval mutable EnhancedMetafile : string
Public Shared ReadOnly EnhancedMetafile As String 



增強型元檔案格式是根據繪圖物件(而非圖元)來儲存影像的 WindowsWindows 檔案。The enhanced metafile format is a WindowsWindows file that stores an image in terms of graphic objects rather than pixels. 當調整大小時,中繼檔會保留影像的效果,而不是點陣圖。When resized, a metafile preserves an image better than a bitmap.

DataObject 類別和其他實 IDataObject 介面的類別會使用這個欄位來描述可用的資料格式。This field is used by the DataObject class and other classes that implement the IDataObject interface to describe an available data format.

使用此欄位搭配 SetData 方法,將具有對應格式的資料新增至資料物件。使用此欄位搭配 GetData 方法,以取得對應格式的資料。Use this field with the SetData method to add data with a corresponding format to a data object; use this field with the GetData method to retrieve data in the corresponding format. 若要檢查資料物件是否包含此格式的資料,請使用 GetDataPresent 方法來查詢格式。To check whether a data object contains data in this format, use the GetDataPresent method to query for the format.