DragDrop.QueryContinueDrag DragDrop.QueryContinueDrag DragDrop.QueryContinueDrag Attached Event


持續發生於拖放作業正在進行時,並可讓拖曳來源根據按鍵/按鈕狀態結束拖放作業。Occurs continuously while a drag-and-drop operation is in progress, and enables the drop source to end the drag-and-drop operation depending on the key/button states.

see AddQueryContinueDragHandler, and RemoveQueryContinueDragHandler
see AddQueryContinueDragHandler, and RemoveQueryContinueDragHandler
see AddQueryContinueDragHandler, and RemoveQueryContinueDragHandler


在拖曳來源被拖曳的期間,會持續引發 QueryContinueDrag 事件。The QueryContinueDrag event is raised continuously while the drag source is being dragged. 您可以處理這個事件,根據 ESC、SHIFT、CTRL 鍵和 ALT 鍵的狀態,以及滑鼠按鈕的狀態,來決定拖放作業的結束動作。You can handle this event to determine what action ends the drag-and-drop operation based on the state of the ESC, SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT keys, as well as the state of the mouse buttons. 這個事件的預設處理常式會在按下 ESC 鍵時取消拖放作業,並在放開滑鼠按鈕時置放資料。The default handler for this event cancels the drag-and-drop operation if the ESC key is pressed, and drops the data if the mouse button is released. 如果您處理這個事件來變更預設行為,請務必在處理常式中提供對等的機制,以結束拖放作業。If you handle this event to change the default behavior, be sure to provide an equivalent mechanism in your handler to end the drag-and-drop operation. 否則,DoDragDrop 方法不會傳回,且您的應用程式會停止回應。Otherwise, the DoDragDrop method will not return and your application will stop responding. 如果您處理此事件,您必須將它標示為已處理,以防止預設行為覆寫您的處理常式。If you handle this event, you must mark it as handled to prevent the default behavior from overriding your handler.

路由事件資訊Routed Event Information

識別碼欄位Identifier Field QueryContinueDragEvent
路由策略Routing Strategy 路由Bubbling
Delegate - 委派Delegate QueryContinueDragEventHandler

對應的通道事件為 PreviewQueryContinueDragThe corresponding tunneling event is PreviewQueryContinueDrag.