AccessibleObject.IAccessible.accSelect(Int32, Object) 方法


修改選取或者移動可存取物件的鍵盤焦點。Modifies the selection or moves the keyboard focus of the accessible object. 如需這個成員的說明,請參閱 accSelect(Int32, Object)For a description of this member, see accSelect(Int32, Object).

 virtual void Accessibility.IAccessible.accSelect(int flagsSelect, System::Object ^ childID) = Accessibility::IAccessible::accSelect;
void IAccessible.accSelect (int flagsSelect, object childID);
Sub accSelect (flagsSelect As Integer, childID As Object) Implements IAccessible.accSelect



AccessibleSelection 值的位元組合。A bitwise combination of the AccessibleSelection values.


要在其上變更選擇的可存取物件的 ID 編號。The ID number of the accessible object on which to change the selection. 這個參數為 0 時,表示選取此物件;如果是子系 ID,則表示選取其中一個物件的子物件。This parameter is 0 to select the object, or a child ID to select one of the object's child objects.



以下描述在呼叫 Select 來執行複雜的選取作業時,要指定的 @no__t 0 值。The following describes which AccessibleSelection values to specify when calling Select to perform complex selection operations.

運算Operation 旗標組合Flag Combination
模擬按一下To simulate a click TakeFocusTakeSelectionTakeFocus OR TakeSelection
若要藉由模擬 CTRL + 按一下來選取目標專案To select a target item by simulating CTRL+click TakeFocusAddSelectionTakeFocus OR AddSelection
若要藉由模擬 CTRL + 按一下來取消選取目標專案To cancel selection of a target item by simulating CTRL+click TakeFocusRemoveSelectionTakeFocus OR RemoveSelection
模擬 SHIFT + 按一下To simulate SHIFT+click TakeFocusExtendSelectionTakeFocus OR ExtendSelection
若要選取某個範圍的物件,並將焦點放在最後一個物件上To select a range of objects and put focus on the last object 在起始物件上指定 TakeFocus,以設定選取錨點。Specify TakeFocus on the starting object to set the selection anchor. 然後再次呼叫 Select,並在最後一個物件上指定 TakeFocusExtendSelectionThen call Select again and specify TakeFocus OR ExtendSelection on the last object.
取消選取所有物件To deselect all objects 在任何物件上指定 TakeSelectionSpecify TakeSelection on any object. 此旗標會取消選取所選的所有物件,但只會選取其中一個。This flag deselects all selected objects except the one just selected. 然後再次呼叫 Select,並在相同物件上指定 RemoveSelectionThen call Select again and specify RemoveSelection on the same object.

這個成員是明確介面成員實作,This member is an explicit interface member implementation. 只有在 AccessibleObject 執行個體轉換成 IAccessible 介面時,才能使用這個成員。It can be used only when the AccessibleObject instance is cast to an IAccessible interface.