Control.ProductVersion 屬性


取得包含控制項的組件的版本。Gets the version of the assembly containing the control.

 property System::String ^ ProductVersion { System::String ^ get(); };
public string ProductVersion { get; }
member this.ProductVersion : string
Public ReadOnly Property ProductVersion As String


包含控制項的組件的檔案版本。The file version of the assembly containing the control.



下列程式碼範例會在 Form所包含的 Label 中顯示應用程式的相關資訊。The following code example displays information about the application in a Label contained by a Form. 這個範例需要設定 CompanyNameProductNameProductVersionThis example requires that the CompanyName, ProductName and ProductVersion have been set.

void AboutDialog_Load( Object^ /*sender*/, EventArgs^ /*e*/ )
   // Display the application information in the label.
   this->labelVersionInfo->Text = String::Format(  "{0} {1} Version: {2}", this->CompanyName, this->ProductName, this->ProductVersion );
private void AboutDialog_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
   // Display the application information in the label.
   this.labelVersionInfo.Text = 
      this.CompanyName + "  " + 
      this.ProductName + "  Version: " +
Private Sub AboutDialog_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
   ' Display the application information in the label.
   Me.labelVersionInfo.Text = _
      Me.CompanyName + "  " + _
      Me.ProductName + "  Version: " + _
   End Sub


ProductVersion 屬性是唯讀屬性。The ProductVersion property is a read-only property. 若要變更這個屬性的值,請設定 AssemblyVersionAttributeVersion 屬性值。To change the value of this property, set the Version property value of the AssemblyVersionAttribute. 下面這行程式C#代碼會設定 ProductVersion 屬性。The following line of C# code sets the ProductVersion property.

[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.1")]  


強烈建議您提供公司名稱、產品名稱和產品版本。It is strongly recommended that you provide the company name, product name, and product version. 提供這項資訊可讓您使用 Windows Forms 功能,例如 Application.UserAppDataPath,讓您更輕鬆地撰寫符合「Windows 認證」程式的應用程式。Providing this information enables the use of Windows Forms features such as Application.UserAppDataPath that make it easier to write applications that comply with the "Certified for Windows" program. 如需有關「Windows 認證」程式的詳細資訊,請參閱。For more information about the Certified for Windows program, see