Control.SendToBack 方法


將控制項傳送到疊置順序的後面。Sends the control to the back of the z-order.

 void SendToBack();
public void SendToBack ();
member this.SendToBack : unit -> unit
Public Sub SendToBack ()


控制項會移至迭置順序的背面。The control is moved to the back of the z-order. 如果控制項是另一個控制項的子系,則會將子控制項移至迭置順序的背面。If the control is a child of another control, the child control is moved to the back of the z-order. 如果控制項是最上層控制項,除非控制項為作用中,否則這個方法將無法正確運作。If the control is a top-level control, this method will not work correctly unless the control is active. 最上層控制項是不是另一個控制項子系的控制項,例如 FormA top-level control is a control, such as a Form, that is not a child of another control. 現用控制項是具有輸入焦點的可見控制項。An active control is a visible control that has input focus. 若要將 SendToBack 方法與非作用中的最上層控制項搭配使用,請先在控制項上呼叫 BringToFront 方法。To use the SendToBack method with an inactive, top-level control, first call the BringToFront method on the control.