DataFormats.Bitmap 欄位


指定 Windows 點陣圖的格式。Specifies a Windows bitmap format. 這個 static 欄位是唯讀的。This static field is read-only.

public: static initonly System::String ^ Bitmap;
public static readonly string Bitmap;
 staticval mutable Bitmap : string
Public Shared ReadOnly Bitmap As String 




點陣圖以記憶體中的位陣列表示電腦圖形,而這些位代表影像中個別圖元的屬性。A bitmap represents a computer graphic as an array of bits in memory, and these bits represent the attributes of the individual pixels in an image.

此欄位是由 IDataObject 介面和 DataObject 類別用來指定資料類型。This field is used by the IDataObject interface and the DataObject class to specify the data type.

當加入至 IDataObject 或的執行時 DataObject ,請使用此欄位作為 IDataObject.SetData 和方法的格式 DataObject.SetDataWhen adding to an IDataObject or to an implementation of DataObject, use this field as the format for the IDataObject.SetData and DataObject.SetData methods.

若要查看此類型的物件是否存在,請使用此欄位作為 IDataObject.GetDataPresent 和方法的格式 DataObject.GetDataPresentTo see if an object of this type exists, use this field as the format for the IDataObject.GetDataPresent and DataObject.GetDataPresent methods.

若要取得這種類型的物件,請使用這個做為 IDataObject.GetData 和方法的格式 DataObject.GetDataTo get an object of this type, use this as the format for the IDataObject.GetData and DataObject.GetData methods.