FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserFolder 列舉


定義識別項,用以指示資料夾瀏覽器最初瀏覽的根資料夾。Defines identifiers used to indicate the root folder for a folder browser to initially browse to.

protected: enum class FolderNameEditor::FolderBrowserFolder
protected enum FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserFolder
Protected Enum FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserFolder


Desktop 0

使用者的桌面。The user's desktop.

Favorites 6

使用者的我的最愛清單。The user's favorites list.

MyComputer 17

[我的電腦] 圖示的內容。The contents of the My Computer icon.

MyDocuments 5

使用者的 [我的文件] 資料夾。The user's My Documents folder.

MyPictures 39

使用者儲存圖片的位置。User's location to store pictures.

NetAndDialUpConnections 49

網路和撥接連線。Network and dial-up connections.

NetworkNeighborhood 18

網路上的芳鄰。The network neighborhood.

Printers 4

包含已安裝印表機的資料夾。A folder containing installed printers.

Recent 8

包含最近開啟檔案的捷徑之資料夾。A folder containing shortcuts to recently opened files.

SendTo 9

包含文件傳送到應用程式的捷徑之資料夾。A folder containing shortcuts to applications to send documents to.

StartMenu 11

使用者的開始功能表。The user's start menu.

Templates 21

使用者的檔案樣板。The user's file templates.