ImageList.ImageStream 屬性


取得與這個影像清單相關的 ImageListStreamerGets the ImageListStreamer associated with this image list.

 property System::Windows::Forms::ImageListStreamer ^ ImageStream { System::Windows::Forms::ImageListStreamer ^ get(); void set(System::Windows::Forms::ImageListStreamer ^ value); };
public System.Windows.Forms.ImageListStreamer ImageStream { get; set; }
member this.ImageStream : System.Windows.Forms.ImageListStreamer with get, set
Public Property ImageStream As ImageListStreamer


如果影像清單是空白的,則為 null,否則會是這個 ImageListStreamerImageListnull if the image list is empty; otherwise, a ImageListStreamer for this ImageList.



ImageListStreamer是影像清單的資料部分。The ImageListStreamer is the data portion of the image list. 當您使用將當地語系化的表單時, 當表單的 Language ImageList屬性設定為 Default 時, 您應該一律加入和影像。When you work with forms that will be localized, you should always add an ImageList and images when the Language property of a form is set to Default. 在您新增影像之前變更表單的語言將會損毀影像資料流程。Changing the form's language before you add images will corrupt the image stream.

您可以將這個控制碼傳遞給的另ImageList一個實例。You can pass this handle to another instance of an ImageList.