RightToLeft 列舉


指定數值,指出在使用希伯來文或阿拉伯文等的字型時,文字是否由右至左顯示。Specifies a value indicating whether the text appears from right to left, such as when using Hebrew or Arabic fonts.

public enum class RightToLeft
public enum RightToLeft
type RightToLeft = 
Public Enum RightToLeft


Inherit 2

從父代控制項繼承文字閱讀的方向。The direction the text read is inherited from the parent control.

No 0

由左而右閱讀文字。The text reads from left to right. 這是預設值。This is the default.

Yes 1

由右而左閱讀文字。The text reads from right to left.


ContextMenu、 、MainMenu和會Control使用這個列舉。ProgressBar RegexThis enumeration is used by ContextMenu, MainMenu, ProgressBar, Regex and Control.

RightToLeft當您從ContextMenuMainMenu RightToLeft和抓取屬性的值時,將會取得您所指派的值。ProgressBarWhen you retrieve the value of the RightToLeft property from ContextMenu, MainMenu, and ProgressBar you will get the value of RightToLeft you assigned. 相反地, Control如果您從衍生自己的類別, 並將的Inherit值指派給RightToLeft屬性, 則傳回的值將會是父控制項的RightToLeft屬性設定。In contrast, if you are deriving your own class from Control, and you assign a value of Inherit to the RightToLeft property, the value returned will be the setting of the RightToLeft property of the parent control. 如果沒有父控制項, 它會傳回值NoIf there is no parent control, it will return a value of No. 否則, 它會傳回YesNo的值, 這取決於您指派給RightToLeft衍生類別之屬性的值。Otherwise, it will return a value of Yes or No, depending on the value that you assigned to the RightToLeft property of your derived class.


如需如何啟用由右至左對齊來影響 Windows Forms 控制項的詳細資訊, 請Control.RightToLeft參閱屬性。For more information about how enabling right-to-left alignment affects Windows Forms controls, see the Control.RightToLeft property.