ToolStrip.IsInputChar(Char) ToolStrip.IsInputChar(Char) ToolStrip.IsInputChar(Char) ToolStrip.IsInputChar(Char) Method


判斷字元是否為此項目所能識別的輸入字元。Determines whether a character is an input character that the item recognizes.

 override bool IsInputChar(char charCode);
protected override bool IsInputChar (char charCode);
override this.IsInputChar : char -> bool
Protected Overrides Function IsInputChar (charCode As Char) As Boolean


Char Char Char Char

要測試的字元。The character to test.


如果字元應直接傳送至這個項目而不前置處理,則為 true,否則為 falsetrue if the character should be sent directly to the item and not preprocessed; otherwise, false.


IsInputChar視窗訊息前置處理期間會呼叫方法,以判斷指定的輸入字元是否應預先處理或直接傳送ToolStrip至。The IsInputChar method is called during window message preprocessing to determine whether the given input character should be preprocessed or sent directly to the ToolStrip. IsInputChar如果ToolStrip方法傳回,則會將指定的字元true直接傳送至。If the IsInputChar method returns true, the specified character is sent directly to the ToolStrip. 不過,如果方法false傳回,則會前置處理字元,而且只有在前置處理階段未使用ToolStrip時,才會傳送至。However, if the method returns false, the character is preprocessed and only sent to the ToolStrip if it is not consumed by the preprocessing phase. 字元的前置處理包含檢查字元是否為另一個控制項的助憶鍵。The preprocessing of a character includes checking whether the character is a mnemonic of another control.