ToolStripItem.AccessibleDescription 屬性


取得或設定將報告給協助工具用戶端應用程式的描述。Gets or sets the description that will be reported to accessibility client applications.

 property System::String ^ AccessibleDescription { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string AccessibleDescription { get; set; }
member this.AccessibleDescription : string with get, set
Public Property AccessibleDescription As String


協助工具用戶端應用程式使用之控制項的描述。The description of the control used by accessibility client applications. 預設值為 nullThe default is null.


物件的 AccessibleDescription 屬性會提供有關物件視覺外觀的文字描述。An object's AccessibleDescription property provides a textual description about an object's visual appearance. 描述主要是用來為低願景或盲人使用者提供更高的內容,但也可以用於內容搜尋或其他應用程式。The description is primarily used to provide greater context for low-vision or blind users, but can also be used for context searching or other applications.

如果描述不明顯,或如果不是根據物件的 AccessibleNameAccessibleRoleStateValue 屬性而重複,就需要 AccessibleDescription 屬性。The AccessibleDescription property is needed if the description is not obvious, or if it is not redundant based on the object's AccessibleName, AccessibleRole, State, and Value properties. 例如,標示為 [確定] 的按鈕不需要其他資訊,但顯示仙人掌圖片的按鈕會是。For example, a button labeled OK would not need additional information, but a button that shows a picture of a cactus would. [AccessibleName] 和 [AccessibleRole] 或 [仙人掌] 按鈕的 AccessibleObject.Help 屬性會描述其用途,但 AccessibleDescription 屬性會傳達較不明確的資訊,例如「顯示仙人掌圖片的按鈕」。The AccessibleName and AccessibleRole and, perhaps, AccessibleObject.Help properties for the cactus button would describe its purpose, but the AccessibleDescription property would convey information that is less tangible, such as "A button that shows a picture of a cactus."

如需可存取物件屬性的詳細資訊,請參閱描述性屬性的內容For more information about properties of accessible objects, see Content of Descriptive Properties.

如需範例,請參閱 AccessibleObject 類別。For samples, see the AccessibleObject class.