UICues 列舉


指定使用者介面的狀態。Specifies the state of the user interface.

此列舉具有 FlagsAttribute 個屬性允許以位元方式合併其成員值。

public enum class UICues
public enum UICues
type UICues = 
Public Enum UICues


Changed 12

焦點 (Focus) 提示和鍵盤提示的狀態已經變更。The state of the focus cues and keyboard cues has changed.

ChangeFocus 4

焦點提示的狀態已經變更。The state of the focus cues has changed.

ChangeKeyboard 8

鍵盤提示的狀態已經變更。The state of the keyboard cues has changed.

None 0

未進行任何變更。No change was made.

ShowFocus 1

變更後顯示焦點矩形 (Focus Rectangle)。Focus rectangles are displayed after the change.

ShowKeyboard 2

變更後鍵盤提示會加上底線。Keyboard cues are underlined after the change.

Shown 3

變更後顯示焦點矩形和鍵盤提示會加上底線。Focus rectangles are displayed and keyboard cues are underlined after the change.


這個列舉是由成員所使用, 例如的UICuesEventArgs函式。This enumeration is used by members such as the constructor for UICuesEventArgs.

這個列舉是用來指定要顯示或變更的使用者介面提示。This enumeration is used to specify which user interface cues will be displayed or changed. 例如, 當使用者按下 ALT 鍵時, 功能表上的鍵盤快速鍵會藉由將適當的字元加上底線來顯示。For example, when the user presses the ALT key, the keyboard shortcuts on the menu are displayed by underlining the appropriate character. 這個範例的位元組合會是ShowKeyboardChangeKeyboardUICuesThe bitwise combination of UICues for this example would be ShowKeyboard and ChangeKeyboard.