TextMetrics TextMetrics TextMetrics TextMetrics Struct


針對特定項目提供視覺化樣式所指定字型的基本資訊。Provides basic information about the font specified by a visual style for a particular element.

public value class TextMetrics
public struct TextMetrics
type TextMetrics = struct
Public Structure TextMetrics


結構會指定VisualStyleRenderer.GetTextMetrics方法的傳回值。 TextMetricsThe TextMetrics structure specifies the return values of the VisualStyleRenderer.GetTextMetrics method.


Ascent Ascent Ascent Ascent

取得或設定字型中的字元高度 (Ascent)。Gets or sets the ascent of characters in the font.

AverageCharWidth AverageCharWidth AverageCharWidth AverageCharWidth

取得或設定字型中的字元平均寬度。Gets or sets the average width of characters in the font.

BreakChar BreakChar BreakChar BreakChar

取得或設定字元,用來定義文字對齊的斷字法 (Word Break)。Gets or sets the character used to define word breaks for text justification.

CharSet CharSet CharSet CharSet

取得或設定字型的字元集 (Character Set)。Gets or sets the character set of the font.

DefaultChar DefaultChar DefaultChar DefaultChar

取得或設定字元,用來替代字型中不存在的字元。Gets or sets the character to be substituted for characters not in the font.

Descent Descent Descent Descent

取得或設定字型中的字元深度。Gets or sets the descent of characters in the font.

DigitizedAspectX DigitizedAspectX DigitizedAspectX DigitizedAspectX

取得或設定裝置的水平外觀 (字型是為此裝置而設計的)。Gets or sets the horizontal aspect of the device for which the font was designed.

DigitizedAspectY DigitizedAspectY DigitizedAspectY DigitizedAspectY

取得或設定裝置的垂直外觀 (字型是為此裝置而設計的)。Gets or sets the vertical aspect of the device for which the font was designed.

ExternalLeading ExternalLeading ExternalLeading ExternalLeading

取得或設定應用程式在資料列之間加入的額外前置字元數量。Gets or sets the amount of extra leading that the application adds between rows.

FirstChar FirstChar FirstChar FirstChar

取得或設定字型中定義的第一個字元。Gets or sets the first character defined in the font.

Height Height Height Height

取得或設定字型中的字元高度 (Height)。Gets or sets the height of characters in the font.

InternalLeading InternalLeading InternalLeading InternalLeading

取得或設定 Height 屬性所設定範圍內的前置字元數量。Gets or sets the amount of leading inside the bounds set by the Height property.

Italic Italic Italic Italic

取得或設定值,表示字型是否為斜體。Gets or sets a value indicating whether the font is italic.

LastChar LastChar LastChar LastChar

取得或設定字型中定義的最後一個字元。Gets or sets the last character defined in the font.

MaxCharWidth MaxCharWidth MaxCharWidth MaxCharWidth

取得或設定字型中最寬字元的寬度。Gets or sets the width of the widest character in the font.

Overhang Overhang Overhang Overhang

取得或設定每個字串的額外寬度,可以加入至某些合成字型。Gets or sets the extra width per string that may be added to some synthesized fonts.

PitchAndFamily PitchAndFamily PitchAndFamily PitchAndFamily

取得或設定實體字型 (Physical Font) 的字幅、技術和系列資訊。Gets or sets information about the pitch, technology, and family of a physical font.

StruckOut StruckOut StruckOut StruckOut

取得或設定值,指出字型是否指定橫越字元的水平線。Gets or sets a value indicating whether the font specifies a horizontal line through the characters.

Underlined Underlined Underlined Underlined

取得或設定值,指出字型是否加上底線。Gets or sets a value indicating whether the font is underlined.

Weight Weight Weight Weight

取得或設定字型的粗細。Gets or sets the weight of the font.