FrameworkContentElement.GetUIParentCore 方法


如果沒有視覺父代,則傳回這個項目的替代邏輯父代。Returns an alternative logical parent for this element if there is no visual parent. 在這個情況下,FrameworkContentElement 父代一律會與 Parent 屬性的值相同。In this case, a FrameworkContentElement parent is always the same value as the Parent property.

protected public:
 override System::Windows::DependencyObject ^ GetUIParentCore();
protected internal override System.Windows.DependencyObject GetUIParentCore ();
override this.GetUIParentCore : unit -> System.Windows.DependencyObject
Protected Friend Overrides Function GetUIParentCore () As DependencyObject


每當這個方法的 WPF 架構層級實作具有非視覺父連線時,傳回 null 以外的值。Returns something other than null whenever a WPF framework-level implementation of this method has a non-visual parent connection.


預設的實值會傳回預期的單一視覺效果父系。The default implementation returns the expected single visual parent. 自訂的執行可能會傳回替代的父系關聯性。Custom implementations might return alternate parent relationships.