FrameworkElement.GetUIParentCore 方法


如果沒有視覺父代,則傳回這個項目的替代邏輯父代。Returns an alternative logical parent for this element if there is no visual parent.

protected public:
 override System::Windows::DependencyObject ^ GetUIParentCore();
protected internal override System.Windows.DependencyObject GetUIParentCore ();
override this.GetUIParentCore : unit -> System.Windows.DependencyObject
Protected Friend Overrides Function GetUIParentCore () As DependencyObject


每當這個方法的 WPF 架構層級實作具有非視覺父連線時,傳回 null 以外的值。Returns something other than null whenever a WPF framework-level implementation of this method has a non-visual parent connection.


這個方法會覆寫 UIElement.GetUIParentCoreThis method overrides UIElement.GetUIParentCore. 預設 FrameworkElement 實值會傳回預期的單一視覺父代,這與取得 Parent 值的結果相同。The default FrameworkElement implementation returns the expected single visual parent, which is the same result as getting the Parent value. 衍生的類別實作為可能會傳回替代的父系關聯性。Derived class implementations might return alternate parent relationships.