FrameworkElement.Initialized FrameworkElement.Initialized FrameworkElement.Initialized FrameworkElement.Initialized Event


當這個 FrameworkElement 初始化時發生。Occurs when this FrameworkElement is initialized. 這個事件符合 IsInitialized 屬性值從 false (或未定義) 變更為 true 的案例。This event coincides with cases where the value of the IsInitialized property changes from false (or undefined) to true.

 event EventHandler ^ Initialized;
public event EventHandler Initialized;
member this.Initialized : EventHandler 
Public Custom Event Initialized As EventHandler 


此事件時引發EndInitOnVisualParentChanged方法受到呼叫。This event will be raised whenever the EndInit or OnVisualParentChanged methods are called. 這兩種方法的呼叫可以有來自應用程式程式碼,或透過Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)處理器的行為時XAMLXAML處理頁面。Calls to either method could have come from application code, or through the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) processor behavior when a XAMLXAML page is processed.

您是否選擇處理LoadedInitialized取決於您的需求。Whether you choose to handle Loaded or Initialized depends on your requirements. 如果您不需要讀取項目屬性,想要重設屬性,而且不需要任何版面配置的資訊,Initialized可能要採取更好的事件。If you do not need to read element properties, intend to reset properties, and do not need any layout information, Initialized might be the better event to act upon. 如果您需要的項目,可供使用,所有屬性,而且您會設定屬性,可能會重設配置,Loaded可能要採取更好的事件。If you need all properties of the element to be available, and you will be setting properties that are likely to reset the layout, Loaded might be the better event to act upon. 如果您的處理常式會由配置系統來表示需要新的版面配置階段解譯的任何屬性重設,則是小心重新進入。Be careful of reentrancy if your handler resets any properties that are interpreted by the layout system to mean that a new layout pass is required. (您可能需要檢查FrameworkPropertyMetadata上如果您不確定哪些屬性可能需要新的版面配置屬性的值傳遞,在變更時。)(You might need to check the FrameworkPropertyMetadata values on the property if you are unsure of which properties can require a new layout pass if they are changed.)

如需序列的物件事件FrameworkElement,也針對幾個相關應用程式和項目類別,會看到物件存留期事件For more information about the sequence of object events for a FrameworkElement, and also for several related application and element classes, see Object Lifetime Events.