FrameworkElement.MeasureCore(Size) FrameworkElement.MeasureCore(Size) FrameworkElement.MeasureCore(Size) FrameworkElement.MeasureCore(Size) Method


FrameworkElement 實作基本的測量傳遞配置系統行為。Implements basic measure-pass layout system behavior for FrameworkElement.

 override System::Windows::Size MeasureCore(System::Windows::Size availableSize);
protected override sealed System.Windows.Size MeasureCore (System.Windows.Size availableSize);
override this.MeasureCore : System.Windows.Size -> System.Windows.Size
Protected Overrides NotOverridable Function MeasureCore (availableSize As Size) As Size


Size Size Size Size

父項目可以提供給子項目使用的大小。The available size that the parent element can give to the child elements.


這個項目在配置中需要的大小。The desired size of this element in layout.


這個方法會覆寫UIElement.MeasureCore連接 WPF 核心層級和 WPF 架構層級配置量值實作。This method overrides UIElement.MeasureCore to connect the WPF core-level and WPF framework-level layout measure implementations. FrameworkElement實作密封方法。The FrameworkElement implementation seals the method. 若要調整的任何項目,WPF 架構層級為基礎的量值傳遞版面配置行為,請覆寫MeasureOverride改。To adjust the measure pass layout behavior of any element that builds on the WPF framework-level, override MeasureOverride instead. 若要調整的測量行程,刻意不會在 WPF 架構層級上建置或使用項目的版面配置行為FrameworkElement,覆寫UIElement.MeasureCoreTo adjust the measure pass layout behavior of an element that deliberately does not build on the WPF framework-level or use FrameworkElement, override UIElement.MeasureCore.