FrameworkElement.RequestBringIntoView 事件


在這個項目上呼叫 BringIntoView(Rect) 時發生。Occurs when BringIntoView(Rect) is called on this element.

 event System::Windows::RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler ^ RequestBringIntoView;
public event System.Windows.RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler RequestBringIntoView;
member this.RequestBringIntoView : System.Windows.RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler 
Public Custom Event RequestBringIntoView As RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler 


這個事件會向父 ScrollViewer (或衍生類別)指示,引發 RequestBringIntoView 事件的元素應該在可捲動區域內顯示。This event indicates to a parent ScrollViewer (or derived class) that the element that raises the RequestBringIntoView event should be made visible within the scrollable region. 然後,ScrollViewer 會藉由使用事件的類別處理,將 RequestBringIntoView 事件標示為已處理。The ScrollViewer will then mark the RequestBringIntoView event as handled, by using class handling of the event. 在一般情況下 RequestBringIntoView 事件資料不應該由任何控制捲動區域或任何實例處理常式的類別來標示為已處理,因為這樣做會影響呼叫 BringIntoView之專案的目標。In general RequestBringIntoView event data should not be marked handled by any class that does control a scrolling region, or by any instance handler, because doing so would interfere with the intended goal of the element that called BringIntoView.

路由事件資訊Routed Event Information

識別碼欄位Identifier field RequestBringIntoViewEvent
路由策略Routing strategy 路由Bubbling
Delegate - 委派Delegate RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler