FrameworkElement.TargetUpdated FrameworkElement.TargetUpdated FrameworkElement.TargetUpdated FrameworkElement.TargetUpdated Event


這個項目上的任何屬性繫結的目標值變更時發生。Occurs when the target value changes for any property binding on this element.

 event EventHandler<System::Windows::Data::DataTransferEventArgs ^> ^ TargetUpdated;
public event EventHandler<System.Windows.Data.DataTransferEventArgs> TargetUpdated;
member this.TargetUpdated : EventHandler<System.Windows.Data.DataTransferEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event TargetUpdated As EventHandler(Of DataTransferEventArgs) 


此事件建立的別名TargetUpdated引發任何事件Binding與這個項目相關聯。This event creates an alias for the TargetUpdated event that is raised by any Binding associated with this element. 這通常表示有問題的繫結是雙向繫結的繫結的相依性屬性 affirms,先前的屬性值無效現在根據任何驗證或快取的屬性或資料來源所支援的配置。This usually means that the binding in question is a two-way binding, and that the bound dependency property affirms that the previous property value is now invalid according to any validation or caching scheme that the property or the data source support.

使用事件資料的TargetUpdated事件,以判斷特定的屬性,報告的目標值更新。Use the event data of the TargetUpdated event to determine the specific property that is reporting the target value update.

XAML Attribute UsageXAML Attribute Usage

<object TargetUpdated="eventHandler"/>