KeyGesture.Modifiers 屬性


取得與這個 KeyGesture 關聯的輔助按鍵。Gets the modifier keys associated with this KeyGesture.

 property System::Windows::Input::ModifierKeys Modifiers { System::Windows::Input::ModifierKeys get(); };
public System.Windows.Input.ModifierKeys Modifiers { get; }
member this.Modifiers : System.Windows.Input.ModifierKeys
Public ReadOnly Property Modifiers As ModifierKeys


與筆勢相關聯的輔助按鍵 (Modifier Key)。The modifier keys associated with the gesture. 預設值為 NoneThe default value is None.


在大部分情況下, KeyGesture必須與一或多個ModifierKeys相關聯。In most cases, a KeyGesture must be associated with one or more ModifierKeys. 此規則的例外狀況是函式索引鍵和數位鍵臺上鍵, 其本身可能是KeyGesture有效的。The exceptions to this rule are the function keys and the numeric keypad keys, which can be a valid KeyGesture by themselves. 例如, 您可以只使用 F12 KeyGesture鍵來建立, 但若要KeyGesture在中使用 X 索引鍵, 則必須搭配輔助按鍵。For example, you can create a KeyGesture by using only the F12 key, but to use the X key in a KeyGesture it must be paired with a modifier key.