LocalizationCategory 列舉


為二進位 XAML (BAML) 類別或類別成員指定 LocalizabilityAttribute 的分類值。Specifies the category value of a LocalizabilityAttribute for a binary XAML (BAML) class or class member.

public enum class LocalizationCategory
public enum LocalizationCategory
type LocalizationCategory = 
Public Enum LocalizationCategory


Button 4

Button 或相關的控制項。A Button or related control.

CheckBox 5

CheckBox 或相關的控制項。A CheckBox or related control.

ComboBox 6

ComboBox 或相關的控制項,例如 ComboBoxItemA ComboBox or related control such as ComboBoxItem.

Font 14

字型相關資料,例如字型的名稱、樣式或大小。Font-related data such as font name, style, or size.


Hyperlink 或相關的控制項。A Hyperlink or related control.

Ignore 16

請勿將此資源當地語系化。Do not localize this resource. 這個資源不適用於任何可能存在的子節點。This does not apply to any child nodes that might exist.

Inherit 15

從父節點繼承其分類。Inherits its category from a parent node.

Label 3

Label 或相關的控制項。A Label or related control.

ListBox 7

ListBox 或相關的控制項,例如 ListBoxItemA ListBox or related control such as ListBoxItem.

Menu 8

Menu 或相關的控制項,例如 MenuItemA Menu or related control such as MenuItem.

NeverLocalize 17

請勿將此資源或任何分類設定為 Inherit 的子節點當地語系化。Do not localize this resource, or any child nodes whose category is set to Inherit.

None 0

資源不屬於標準分類。Resource does not belong to a standard category.

RadioButton 9

RadioButton 或相關的控制項。A RadioButton or related control.

Text 1

適用於冗長的文字。For a lengthy piece of text.

TextFlow 12

適用於可以包含文字的面板。For panels that can contain text.

Title 2

適用於單一文字行,例如標題使用的文字。For a single line of text, such as text used for a title.

ToolTip 10

ToolTip 或相關的控制項。A ToolTip or related control.

XmlData 13

XMLXML 資料。data.


下列程式碼範例顯示為按鈕LocalizabilityAttribute定義的分類值。The following code example shows the category value of a LocalizabilityAttribute defined for a button.

<!-- Define localization attributes for the button.
      - The content is visible to the localizer and can be changed.
      - The font family property is visible to the localizer but cannot be changed. -->
    FontFamily="Microsoft San Serif"
      "$Content(Button Readable Modifiable) FontFamily(Font Readable Unmodifiable)" >
    your company name here


LocalizabilityAttribute屬性可以套用至類別、屬性或方法。A LocalizabilityAttribute attribute can be applied to a class, property, or method.

如需如何使用當地語系化屬性的詳細資訊, 請參閱當地語系化屬性和批註For more information on how to use localization attributes, see Localization Attributes and Comments.