Timeline.RemoveRequested Timeline.RemoveRequested Timeline.RemoveRequested Timeline.RemoveRequested Event


為這個時刻表建立時鐘或移除它的其中一個父時刻表時發生。Occurs when the clock created for this timeline or one of its parent timelines is removed.

 event EventHandler ^ RemoveRequested;
public event EventHandler RemoveRequested;
member this.RemoveRequested : EventHandler 
Public Custom Event RemoveRequested As EventHandler 


藉由RemoveStoryboard將動作套用至分鏡腳本、使用分鏡腳本的Remove方法, 或呼叫ClockController.Remove方法 (直接使用時鐘) 來引發此事件。This event is raised by applying a RemoveStoryboard action to a storyboard, using a Storyboard's Remove method, or (when working directly with clocks) calling the ClockController.Remove method.

雖然這個事件處理常式似乎與時間軸相關聯, 但它實際上會向Clock為此時間軸所建立的註冊。Although this event handler appears to be associated with a timeline, it actually registers with the Clock created for this timeline. 如需詳細資訊, 請參閱計時事件總覽For more information, see the Timing Events Overview.