VectorKeyFrameCollection.GetAsFrozenCore(Freezable) 方法


使這個執行個體成為指定之 VectorKeyFrameCollection 物件的複製。Makes this instance a clone of the specified VectorKeyFrameCollection object.

 override void GetAsFrozenCore(System::Windows::Freezable ^ sourceFreezable);
protected override void GetAsFrozenCore (System.Windows.Freezable sourceFreezable);
override this.GetAsFrozenCore : System.Windows.Freezable -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub GetAsFrozenCore (sourceFreezable As Freezable)



要複製的 VectorKeyFrameCollection 物件。The VectorKeyFrameCollection object to clone.


當複製相依性屬性時,這個方法會複製資源參考和資料繫結 (但可能無法再解析),但不會複製動畫或它們目前的值。When copying dependency properties, this method copies resource references and data bindings (but they might no longer resolve) but not animations or their current values. 請注意, 如果這些屬性包含資源參考或資料系GetAsFrozen結, 則嘗試凍結物件時將會失敗, 而且InvalidOperationException會擲回。Note that if these properties contain resource references or data bindings, GetAsFrozen will fail when trying to freeze the object and will throw an InvalidOperationException.

這個方法是由GetAsFrozen方法呼叫, 不應直接從您的程式碼呼叫, 除非在覆寫這個方法時呼叫基底執行。This method is called by the GetAsFrozen method and should not be called directly from your code, except when calling the base implementation while overriding this method. 若要建立目前物件的凍結複本, 請呼叫GetAsFrozen , 而不是直接呼叫此方法。To create a frozen copy of the current object, call GetAsFrozen instead of calling this method directly.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱Freezable.GetAsFrozenCoreFor more information, see Freezable.GetAsFrozenCore.