BlurEffect.CloneCurrentValue Method


建立這個 Effect 物件的可修改複製品,製作這個物件目前值的深層複本。Creates a modifiable clone of this Effect object, making deep copies of this object's current values. 不會複製資源參考、資料繫結和動畫,但是會複製其目前值。Resource references, data bindings, and animations are not copied, but their current values are copied.

 System::Windows::Media::Effects::BlurEffect ^ CloneCurrentValue();
public System.Windows.Media.Effects.BlurEffect CloneCurrentValue ();
override this.CloneCurrentValue : unit -> System.Windows.Media.Effects.BlurEffect
Public Function CloneCurrentValue () As BlurEffect



目前物件的可修改複本。A modifiable clone of the current object. 即使來源的 IsFrozen 屬性為 false,複製物件的 IsFrozen 屬性將仍為 trueThe cloned object's IsFrozen property will be false even if the source's IsFrozen property was true.

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