Matrix3D.IsIdentity 屬性


判斷這個 Matrix3D 結構是否為單位 Matrix3D。Determines whether this Matrix3D structure is an identity Matrix3D.

 property bool IsIdentity { bool get(); };
public bool IsIdentity { get; }
member this.IsIdentity : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsIdentity As Boolean


如果 Matrix3D 結構為單位 Matrix3D 則為 true,否則為 falsetrue if the Matrix3D structure is an identity Matrix3D; otherwise, false. 預設值為 trueThe default value is true.


在 身分識別矩陣,所有係數都是 0,除非 [1,1] [2,2] [3,3] [4,4] 的係數,都會設定為 1。In an identity matrix, all coefficients are 0 except the [1,1][2,2][3,3][4,4] coefficients, which are set to 1. 識別矩陣特別適用于將它套用至頂點時,它們會保持不變。The identity matrix is special in that when it is applied to vertices, they are unchanged. 識別矩陣會當做矩陣的起點,修改頂點值以建立旋轉、轉譯,以及可由4x4 矩陣表示的任何其他轉換。The identity matrix is used as the starting point for matrices that modify vertex values to create rotations, translations, and any other transformations that can be represented by a 4x4 matrix.