Rect3D.SizeY Rect3D.SizeY Rect3D.SizeY Rect3D.SizeY Property


取得或設定 Rect3D 在 Y 維度的大小。Gets or sets the size of the Rect3D in the Y dimension.

 property double SizeY { double get(); void set(double value); };
public double SizeY { get; set; }
member this.SizeY : double with get, set
Public Property SizeY As Double


Double,指定 Rect3D 在 Y 維度的大小。Double that specifies the size of the Rect3D in the Y dimension.


Rect3D通常用來表示MeshGeometry3DModel3D的界限。Rect3D is typically used to represent the bounds of a MeshGeometry3D or Model3D.

Size3DRect3D通常不會用於 XAML 中, 因為在使用這些類型的 WPF 3d 物件模型中, 沒有可設定的屬性存在。Size3D and Rect3D are not typically used in XAML, because no settable properties exist in the WPF 3D object model that use those types.