NumberCultureSource 列舉


指定如何判斷文字執行中的數字文化特性。Specifies how the culture for numbers in a text run is determined.

public enum class NumberCultureSource
public enum NumberCultureSource
type NumberCultureSource = 
Public Enum NumberCultureSource


Override 2

數字文化特性是從 CultureOverride 屬性衍生的。Number culture is derived from the CultureOverride property.

Text 0

預設值:Default. 數字文化特性是從 CultureInfo 屬性值衍生,這個屬性為文字執行的文化特性。Number culture is derived from the value of the CultureInfo property, which is the culture of the text run. 在標記中,這是以 xml:lang 屬性來表示的。In markup, this is represented by the xml:lang attribute.

User 1

數字文化特性是從目前執行緒的文化特性值衍生,這個執行緒預設為使用者的預設文化特性。Number culture is derived from the culture value of the current thread, which by default is the user default culture.


NumberSubstitution類別會使用類別的列舉值 NumberCultureSource 來決定數位的顯示方式。The NumberSubstitution class uses the enumerated values of the NumberCultureSource class to determine how numbers are displayed.