PenLineCap 列舉


描述線條或區段結尾的形狀。Describes the shape at the end of a line or segment.

public enum class PenLineCap
public enum PenLineCap
type PenLineCap = 
Public Enum PenLineCap


Flat 0

此端點不會延伸超過一行的最後一個點。A cap that does not extend past the last point of the line. 可與沒有線條的端點比較。Comparable to no line cap.

Round 2

此半圓形的直徑等於線條的粗細。A semicircle that has a diameter equal to the line thickness.

Square 1

此矩形的高度等於線條的粗細,而長度等於線條粗細的一半。A rectangle that has a height equal to the line thickness and a length equal to half the line thickness.

Triangle 3

此等腰直角三角形的基底長度等於線條的粗細。An isosceles right triangle whose base length is equal to the thickness of the line.


下圖顯示線條或區段的可用端點樣式。The following illustration shows the available cap styles for lines or segments. 線條的紅色部分會顯示 [線條端點] 設定所加入的額外區域。The red portion of the line shows the extra area added by the line cap setting.

PenLineCap 設定PenLineCap settings
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