RenderCapability 類別


可讓 WPF 應用程式查詢其相關之 Dispatcher 物件目前的轉譯層,並且進行註冊以收到變更通知。Enables WPF applications to query for the current rendering tier for their associated Dispatcher object and to register for notification of changes.

public ref class RenderCapability abstract sealed
public static class RenderCapability
type RenderCapability = class
Public Class RenderCapability


轉譯層定義執行 WPFWPF 應用程式之裝置的圖形硬體及效能層級。A rendering tier defines a level of graphics hardware capability and performance for a device that runs a WPFWPF application. 最影響呈現層級的圖形硬體功能如下:The features of the graphics hardware that most affect the rendering tier levels are the following:

  • 視頻 RAM:圖形硬體上的視訊記憶體數量會決定可用於組合圖形的緩衝區大小和數目。Video RAM: The amount of video memory on the graphics hardware determines the size and number of buffers that can be used for compositing graphics.

  • 圖元著色器:圖元著色器是一種圖形處理函式,會計算每個圖元的效果。Pixel Shader: A pixel shader is a graphics processing function that calculates effects on a per-pixel basis. 根據所顯示圖形的解析度,每個顯示框架都可能需要處理數百萬個像素。Depending on the resolution of the displayed graphics, there could be several million pixels that need to be processed for each display frame.

  • 頂點著色器:頂點著色器是圖形處理函式,會對物件的頂點資料執行數學運算。Vertex Shader: A vertex shader is a graphics processing function that performs mathematical operations on the vertex data of the object.

  • 多紋理支援:多紋理支援指的是在3D 繪圖物件上進行混合作業期間,套用兩個或多個不同材質的功能。Multitexture Support: Multitexture support refers to the ability to apply two or more distinct textures during a blending operation on a 3D graphics object. 多紋理支援的程度取決於圖形硬體上的多紋理單位數目。The degree of multitexture support is determined by the number of multitexture units on the graphics hardware.

[圖元著色器]、[頂點著色器] 和 [多紋理] 功能是用來定義特定 DirectXDirectX 版本層級,而後者則是用來定義中的不同呈現層 WPFWPFThe pixel shader, vertex shader, and multitexture features are used to define specific DirectXDirectX version levels, which, in turn, are used to define the different rendering tiers in WPFWPF. 如需呈現層的完整描述,請參閱 圖形轉譯層For a full description of the rendering tiers, see Graphics Rendering Tiers.



取得值,這個值指出系統是否可以用軟體呈現點陣圖效果。Gets a value that indicates whether the system can render bitmap effects in software.


取得基礎硬體裝置建立點陣圖時的最大寬度和高度。Gets the maximum width and height for bitmap creation of the underlying hardware device.


取得值,這個值表示目前執行緒的轉譯層。Gets a value that indicates the rendering tier for the current thread.


IsPixelShaderVersionSupported(Int16, Int16)

取得值,這個值指出是否支援指定的像素著色器版本。Gets a value that indicates whether the specified pixel shader version is supported.

IsPixelShaderVersionSupportedInSoftware(Int16, Int16)

取得值,這個值指出是否可以在目前系統上的軟體中呈現指定的像素著色器版本。Gets a value that indicates whether the specified pixel shader version can be rendered in software on the current system.

MaxPixelShaderInstructionSlots(Int16, Int16)

取得指定之像素著色器版本支援的最大指令槽數目。Gets the maximum number of instruction slots supported by the specified pixel shader version.



當目前執行緒之 Dispatcher 物件的轉譯層變更時發生。Occurs when the rendering tier has changed for the Dispatcher object of the current thread.