Transform.Clone 方法


藉由製作這個 Transform 值的深層複本,來建立它的可修改複本。Creates a modifiable copy of this Transform by making deep copies of its values.

 System::Windows::Media::Transform ^ Clone();
public System.Windows.Media.Transform Clone ();
override this.Clone : unit -> System.Windows.Media.Transform
Public Function Clone () As Transform


目前物件的可修改深層複本。A modifiable deep copy of the current object. 即使來源的 IsFrozen 屬性為 true.,複製物件的 IsFrozen 屬性仍會傳回 falseThe IsFrozen property of the cloned object returns false even if the IsFrozen property of the source is true.


使用此方法來產生唯讀Freezable物件的可修改複本。Use this method to produce modifiable copies of read-only Freezable objects. 為了方便起見,這個方法會以強型別實作為繼承版本的陰影。For convenience, this method shadows the inherited version with a strongly typed implementation.

當此方法複製相依性屬性時,它會複製資源參考和資料系結,但它們可能無法再解析。When this method copies dependency properties, it copies resource references and data bindings although they might no longer resolve. 它不會複製動畫或其目前的值。It does not copy animations or their current values.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱Freezable.CloneFor more information, see Freezable.Clone.