UIElement.IsInputMethodEnabled 屬性


取得值,指出輸入法系統 (例如 輸入法 (IME)Input Method Editor (IME)) 是否已為處理這個項目的輸入而啟用。Gets a value indicating whether an input method system, such as an 輸入法 (IME)Input Method Editor (IME), is enabled for processing the input to this element.

 property bool IsInputMethodEnabled { bool get(); };
public bool IsInputMethodEnabled { get; }
member this.IsInputMethodEnabled : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsInputMethodEnabled As Boolean


如果輸入法為使用中,則為 true;否則為 falsetrue if an input method is active; otherwise, false. 基礎附加屬性的預設值為 true;,不過這會受到輸入法在執行階段的實際狀態所影響。The default value of the underlying attached property is true; however, this will be influenced by the actual state of input methods at runtime.


這個屬性會傳回附加屬性針對目前啟用的輸入法(鍵盤、語音和其他輸入裝置)所傳回的值 InputMethod.IsInputMethodEnabledThis property returns the value that is returned by the attached property InputMethod.IsInputMethodEnabled for the currently enabled input methods (keyboard, speech, and other input devices).