UIElement.PreviewTextInput 事件


此元素以一種與裝置無關的方式取得文字時發生。Occurs when this element gets text in a device-independent manner.

 virtual event System::Windows::Input::TextCompositionEventHandler ^ PreviewTextInput;
public event System.Windows.Input.TextCompositionEventHandler PreviewTextInput;
member this.PreviewTextInput : System.Windows.Input.TextCompositionEventHandler 
Public Custom Event PreviewTextInput As TextCompositionEventHandler 





PreviewTextInput 事件可讓元件或應用程式以與裝置無關的方式接聽文字輸入。The PreviewTextInput event allows a component or application to listen for text input in a device-independent manner. 鍵盤是的主要方法, PreviewTextInput 但語音、手寫和其他輸入裝置也可能產生 PreviewTextInputThe keyboard is the primary means of PreviewTextInput; but speech, handwriting, and other input devices can also generate PreviewTextInput.

因為有按鍵組合,無論是在預設鍵盤或透過輸入法編輯器,多個索引鍵事件可能只會引發一個文字輸入事件。Because of key combinations - either in default keyboards or through input method editors - multiple key events may raise just one text input event.

此事件 TextCompositionManager.PreviewTextInput 會為這個類別建立附加事件的別名,因此 PreviewTextInputUIElement 繼承為基底專案時,它就是類別成員清單的一部分。This event creates an alias for the TextCompositionManager.PreviewTextInput attached event for this class, so that PreviewTextInput is part of the class members list when UIElement is inherited as a base element. 附加至事件的事件處理常式 PreviewTextInput 會附加至基礎 TextCompositionManager.PreviewTextInput 附加事件,並接收相同的事件資料實例。Event handlers that are attached to the PreviewTextInput event are attached to the underlying TextCompositionManager.PreviewTextInput attached event and receive the same event data instance.

路由事件資訊Routed Event Information

識別碼欄位Identifier field PreviewTextInputEvent
路由策略Routing strategy 隧道Tunneling
代理人Delegate TextCompositionEventHandler