FontSubsetterCommitPolicies 列舉


指定在 XPS 文件中儲存字型圖像子集時的細微性。Specifies the granularity at which font glyph subsets are saved in an XPS document.

此列舉具有 FlagsAttribute 個屬性允許以位元方式合併其成員值。

public enum class FontSubsetterCommitPolicies
public enum FontSubsetterCommitPolicies
type FontSubsetterCommitPolicies = 
Public Enum FontSubsetterCommitPolicies


CommitEntireSequence 3

依照每個文件序列來儲存文字中使用的所有圖像。Store all glyphs that are used in the text by each document sequence.

CommitPerDocument 2

依照每份文件來儲存文字中使用的所有圖像。Store all glyphs that are used in the text by each document.

CommitPerPage 1

依照每個頁面來儲存文字中使用的所有圖像。Store all glyphs that are used in the text by each page.

None 0

沒有子設定。No subsetting. 儲存文件中使用之所有字型的所有圖像。Store all glyphs for all fonts used in the document.


XPSXPS檔中的文字字型字元儲存在檔封裝中時, 檔文字在任何電腦或印表機上都會以相同的方式顯示。When font glyphs for text in an XPSXPS document are saved in the document package, the document text displays identically on any computer or printer. 如果圖像不是儲存在檔中, 而且本機電腦或印表機上未安裝必要的字型, 轉譯裝置就必須替代另一個字型的字元。If glyphs are not saved in document and the required font is not installed on the local computer or printer, the rendering device must substitute glyphs from another font. 使用不同的字型時, 替換字型可以變更文字的外觀。Substituting glyphs can change the appearance of the text when a different font is used.