DependencyObject.UserData DependencyObject.UserData DependencyObject.UserData DependencyObject.UserData Property


取得 IDictionary,它會將自訂資料與這個類別執行個體產生關聯。Gets an IDictionary that associates custom data with this class instance.

 property System::Collections::IDictionary ^ UserData { System::Collections::IDictionary ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.IDictionary UserData { get; }
member this.UserData : System.Collections.IDictionary
Public ReadOnly Property UserData As IDictionary


字典,做為開發人員的擴充攔截,以操作設計工具的 DependencyObject 宣告,並將自訂資料與個別活動宣告產生關聯。A dictionary that acts as an extensibility hook for developers to manipulate DependencyObject declarations for a design tool and associate custom data with individual activity declarations.


這個屬性是metaproperty, 這表示它在執行時間是不可變的。This property is a metaproperty, which means it is immutable at run time. Metaproperties在執行時間建立屬性實例之後, 請勿變更, 因此屬性在設計階段必須設定為常值。Metaproperties do not change after a property instance is created at run time, so the property must be set to a literal value at design time.

這個屬性未用於由 Windows Workflow Foundation 提供的預設 Activity 宣告實作。This property is not used in the default Activity declaration implementations provided by Windows Workflow Foundation. 這個集合未序列化。該集合所包含的資料不會從設計階段保存到執行階段。This collection is not serialized; data that the collection contains is not persisted from design time to run time.