ActivityDesigner.HitTest(Point) ActivityDesigner.HitTest(Point) ActivityDesigner.HitTest(Point) Method


取得畫面上指定點中 ActivityDesigner 的相關資訊。Gets information about the ActivityDesigner at a specified point on the screen.

 virtual System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Design::HitTestInfo ^ HitTest(System::Drawing::Point point);
public virtual System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.HitTestInfo HitTest (System.Drawing.Point point);
abstract member HitTest : System.Drawing.Point -> System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.HitTestInfo
override this.HitTest : System.Drawing.Point -> System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.HitTestInfo


Point Point Point

Point,表示單一 X 和 Y 座標。A Point that represents a single x and y coordinate.


HitTestInfo,其中包含指定點上的 ActivityDesigner 相關資訊。A HitTestInfo that contains information about the ActivityDesigner at a specified point.


HitTestInfoHitTestActivityDesigner 控制項的 ActivityDesigner 方法是用來判斷使用者按下了 控制項的哪個部分。The HitTestInfo, together with the HitTest method of the ActivityDesigner control is used to determine which part of an ActivityDesigner control the user has clicked. HitTestInfo 包含 ActivityDesigner 上滑鼠點選處的邏輯座標。The HitTestInfo contains logical coordinates of the point on the ActivityDesigner where the mouse was clicked.

HitTest 方法會接收包含 X 和 Y 座標的 PointThe HitTest method receives a Point that contains an x and y coordinate.