DesignerGlyph.HighestPriority 欄位


表示 DesignerGlyph 最高的可能優先權。Represents the highest priority possible for a DesignerGlyph. 這個值是常數。This value is a constant.

public: int HighestPriority = 0;
public const int HighestPriority = 0;
val mutable HighestPriority : int
Public Const HighestPriority As Integer  = 0



較低的 Priority 屬性值表示擁有較高的優先權,因此會在活動設計工具上最上層的疊置順序位置繪製圖像。A lower value for the Priority property indicates a higher priority and therefore draws the glyph at the top-most Z order position on an activity designer. HighestPriority欄位的值為0。The value of the HighestPriority field is 0.


這個常數值會在建立自訂圖像時當做方針。This constant value serves as a guideline when creating custom glyphs. 當您設計自訂圖像時,可以隨意針對 Priority 屬性使用不同的值。You are free to use different values for the Priority property when designing your custom glyph.