ParallelActivityDesigner.LastSelectableObject 屬性


取得 ParallelActivityDesigner 之巡覽順序中的最後一個可選取物件。Gets the last selectable object in the navigation order of the ParallelActivityDesigner.

 virtual property System::Object ^ LastSelectableObject { System::Object ^ get(); };
public override object LastSelectableObject { get; }
member this.LastSelectableObject : obj
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property LastSelectableObject As Object


Object,設計工具巡覽順序中的最後一個可選取物件。The Object that is the last selectable object in the designer navigation order.


如果設計工具的 ExpandedIsVisible 屬性設為 falseLastSelectableObject 會傳回 null 參考 (在 Visual Basic 中為 Nothing)。If the designer's Expanded or IsVisible property is set to false, LastSelectableObject returns a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic). 如果 ParallelActivityDesigner 包含子活動設計工具,LastSelectableObject 會傳回與第一個子活動設計工具關聯的最後一個可選取物件。If ParallelActivityDesigner contains child activity designers, LastSelectableObject returns the last selectable object associated with the first child activity designer. 如果子活動設計工具是摺疊的,LastSelectableObject 會傳回 Activity 集合中與第一個活動設計工具關聯的 ContainedDesignersIf the child activity designer is collapsed, LastSelectableObject returns the Activity associated with the first activity designer in the ContainedDesigners collection.