UserTrackPoint.ExcludedLocations UserTrackPoint.ExcludedLocations UserTrackPoint.ExcludedLocations UserTrackPoint.ExcludedLocations Property


取得應由執行階段追蹤基礎結構排除在追蹤點外的位置集合。Gets the collection of locations that should be excluded from the track point by the runtime tracking infrastructure.

 property System::Workflow::Runtime::Tracking::UserTrackingLocationCollection ^ ExcludedLocations { System::Workflow::Runtime::Tracking::UserTrackingLocationCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking.UserTrackingLocationCollection ExcludedLocations { get; }
member this.ExcludedLocations : System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking.UserTrackingLocationCollection
Public ReadOnly Property ExcludedLocations As UserTrackingLocationCollection


UserTrackingLocationCollection,指定要排除在追蹤點外的位置。A UserTrackingLocationCollection that specifies locations to be excluded from the track point. 預設為空集合。The default is an empty collection.


如果 UserTrackingLocation 中的任何 ExcludedLocations 物件與特定使用者事件相符,將不會比對追蹤點,而且不會傳送任何 UserTrackingRecord 至追蹤服務。If any of the UserTrackingLocation objects in ExcludedLocations is matched for a particular user event, the track point will not be matched and no UserTrackingRecord will be sent to the tracking service. 如果 ExcludedLocations 是空白,則沒有排除的位置。If ExcludedLocations is empty, there are no excluded locations.

您可以使用 ExcludedLocations 排除特定位置,不讓執行階段追蹤基礎結構追蹤。You can use ExcludedLocations to exclude specific locations from being tracked by the runtime tracking infrastructure. 例如,您可以排除在 MatchingLocations 中指定的位置子集,以更精確地調整應由追蹤點追蹤的位置。For example, you can exclude a subset of locations that are specified in MatchingLocations in order to more precisely refine the locations that should be tracked by the track point.