NewLineHandling NewLineHandling NewLineHandling NewLineHandling Enum


指定如何處理分行符號。Specifies how to handle line breaks.

public enum class NewLineHandling
public enum NewLineHandling
type NewLineHandling = 
Public Enum NewLineHandling


Entitize Entitize Entitize Entitize 1

實體化換行字元。New line characters are entitized. 當正規化 XmlReader 來讀取輸出時,這個設定會保留所有字元。This setting preserves all characters when the output is read by a normalizing XmlReader.

None None None None 2

換行字元未變更。The new line characters are unchanged. 輸出與輸入相同。The output is the same as the input.

Replace Replace Replace Replace 0

取代換行字元,使其與 NewLineChars 屬性中指定的字元相符。New line characters are replaced to match the character specified in the NewLineChars property.


此列舉會傳遞至Create方法, 以指定XmlWriter物件是否將在輸出中正規化分行符號。This enumeration is passed to the Create method to specify whether the XmlWriter object will normalize line breaks in the output.

請參閱NewLineHandling屬性以查看資料表, 其中會詳述每個驗證類型的行為。See the NewLineHandling property to see a table detailing the behavior of each of the validation types.