DataSet、DataTable 和 DataViewDataSets, DataTables, and DataViews

ADO.NET DataSet 是以常駐記憶體表示的資料,不論內含資料來源為何,都可提供一致的關聯式程式設計模型。The ADO.NET DataSet is a memory-resident representation of data that provides a consistent relational programming model regardless of the source of the data it contains. DataSet 表示一組完整的資料,包括內含、排序和約束資料的資料表,以及資料表間的關聯性。A DataSet represents a complete set of data including the tables that contain, order, and constrain the data, as well as the relationships between the tables.

DataSet 的使用方式有幾種,可以獨立或組合套用。There are several ways of working with a DataSet, which can be applied independently or in combination. 您可以:You can:

也可以使用 XML Web Service 傳輸強型別的 DataSetA strongly typed DataSet can also be transported using an XML Web service. DataSet 的設計非常適合使用 XML Web Service 來傳輸資料。The design of the DataSet makes it ideal for transporting data using XML Web services. 如需 XML Web Service 的概觀,請參閱 XML Web Service 概觀For an overview of XML Web services, see XML Web Services Overview. 如需使用來自 XML Web Service 之 DataSet 的範例,請參閱從 XML Web Service 使用 DataSetFor an example of consuming a DataSet from an XML Web service, see Consuming a DataSet from an XML Web Service.

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建立 DataSetCreating a DataSet
說明建立 DataSet 執行個體的語法。Describes the syntax for creating an instance of a DataSet.

將 DataTable 新增至 DataSetAdding a DataTable to a DataSet
說明如何建立資料表和資料行,並將它們加入 DataSetDescribes how to create and add tables and columns to a DataSet.

新增 DataRelationAdding DataRelations
說明如何在 DataSet 的資料表之間建立關聯性。Describes how to create relations between tables in a DataSet.

巡覽 DataRelationNavigating DataRelations
說明如何使用 DataSet 之資料表間的關聯性,傳回父子關係的子資料列或父資料列。Describes how to use the relations between tables in a DataSet to return the child or parent rows of a parent-child relationship.

合併 DataSet 內容Merging DataSet Contents
說明如何將一個 DataSetDataTableDataRow 陣列的內容合併到另一個 DataSetDescribes how to merge the contents of one DataSet, DataTable, or DataRow array into another DataSet.

複製 DataSet 內容Copying DataSet Contents
說明如何建立 DataSet 的複本,而此複本包含結構描述和指定的資料。Describes how to create a copy of a DataSet that can contain schema as well as specified data.

處理 DataSet 的事件Handling DataSet Events
說明 DataSet 的事件和使用方式。Describes the events of a DataSet and how to use them.

具類型的 DataSetTyped DataSets
說明何謂具型別的 DataSet 以及它們的建立和使用方式。Discusses what a typed DataSet is and how to create and use it.

說明如何建立 DataTable、定義結構描述,以及管理資料。Describes how to create a DataTable, define the schema, and manipulate data.

說明如何建立及使用 DataTableReaderDescribes how to create and use a DataTableReader.

說明如何建立並使用 DataViews,以及使用 DataView 事件。Describes how to create and work with DataViews and work with DataView events.

在 DataSet 中使用 XMLUsing XML in a DataSet
說明 DataSet 如何將 XML 當成資料來源進行互動,包括將 DataSet 的內容載入和保存為 XML 資料。Describes how the DataSet interacts with XML as a data source, including loading and persisting the contents of a DataSet as XML data.

從 XML Web Service 使用 DataSetConsuming a DataSet from an XML Web Service
說明如何建立可透過 DataSet 傳輸資料的 XML Web Service。Describes how to create an XML Web service that uses a DataSet to transport data.

ADO.NET 的新功能What's New in ADO.NET
簡介 ADO.NET 的新功能。Introduces features that are new in ADO.NET.

ADO.NET 概觀ADO.NET Overview
提供 ADO.NET 的設計和元件的簡介。Provides an introduction to the design and components of ADO.NET.

從 DataAdapter 填入 DataSetPopulating a DataSet from a DataAdapter
描述如何自資料來源載入具有資料的 DataSetDescribes how to load a DataSet with data from a data source.

使用 DataAdapter 更新資料來源Updating Data Sources with DataAdapters
描述如何將 DataSet 中的資料變更解析回資料來源。Describes how to resolve changes to the data in a DataSet back to the data source.

將現有條件約束新增至 DataSetAdding Existing Constraints to a DataSet
描述如何將來自資料來源的主索引鍵資訊填入 DataSetDescribes how to populate a DataSet with primary key information from a data source.

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