Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS)Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS)

Multiple Active Result Set (MARS) 是允許在單一連接中執行多個批次作業的功能。Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) is a feature that allows the execution of multiple batches on a single connection. 在先前版本中,在單一連接上一次只能執行一個批次作業。In previous versions, only one batch could be executed at a time against a single connection. 以 MARS 執行多個批次作業並不表示同時執行作業。Executing multiple batches with MARS does not imply simultaneous execution of operations.

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啟用 Multiple Active Result SetEnabling Multiple Active Result Sets
討論如何搭配使用 MARS 與 SQL Server。Discusses how to use MARS with SQL Server.

操作資料Manipulating Data
提供 MARS 應用程式程式碼撰寫範例。Provides examples of coding MARS applications.

非同步作業Asynchronous Operations
提供在 ADO.NET 中使用新非同步功能的詳細資訊。Provides details on using the new asynchronous features in ADO.NET.

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