SQL Server 功能和 ADO.NETSQL Server Features and ADO.NET

本節中的主題將討論使用 ADO.NET 來開發資料庫應用程式的 SQL Server 功能。The topics in this section discuss features in SQL Server that are targeted at developing database applications using ADO.NET.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱您所使用之 SQL Server 版本的《SQL Server 線上叢書》,如下列表格所列。For more information, see SQL Server Books Online for the version of SQL Server you are using, as listed in the following table.

SQL Server 線上叢書SQL Server Books Online

  1. 開發(資料庫引擎)Development (Database Engine)

本節內容In This Section

列舉 SQL Server 執行個體 (ADO.NET)Enumerating Instances of SQL Server (ADO.NET)
說明如何列舉 SQL Server 的作用中執行個體。Describes how to enumerate active instances of SQL Server.

SQL Server 的提供者統計資料Provider Statistics for SQL Server
說明對取得 SQL Server 執行階段統計資料的支援。Describes support for obtaining SQL Server run-time statistics.

SQL Server Express 使用者執行個體SQL Server Express User Instances
說明對 SQL Server Express 使用者執行個體的支援。Describes support for SQL Server Express user instances.

SQL Server 中的資料庫鏡像Database Mirroring in SQL Server
說明資料庫鏡像功能。Describes database mirroring functionality.

SQL Server Common Language Runtime 整合SQL Server Common Language Runtime Integration
說明如何從 SQL Server 中的 Common Language Runtime (CLR) 資料庫物件存取資料。Describes how data can be accessed from within a common language runtime (CLR) database object in SQL Server.

SQL Server 中的查詢通知Query Notifications in SQL Server
說明當資料已經變更時,.NET Framework 應用程式如何向 SQL Server 要求通知。Describes how .NET Framework applications can request notification from SQL Server when data has changed.

SQL Server 中的快照隔離Snapshot Isolation in SQL Server
說明對快照集隔離的支援,這是設計用來在異動式應用程式中減少封鎖的資料列版本控制機制。Describes support for snapshot isolation, a row versioning mechanism designed to reduce blocking in transactional applications.

高可用性、嚴重損壞修復的 SqlClient 支援SqlClient Support for High Availability, Disaster Recovery
說明 SqlClient 對於高可用性、嚴重損壞修復 (AlwaysOn) 可用性群組的支援。Describes SqlClient support for high-availability, disaster recovery (AlwaysOn) availability groups.

LocalDB 的 SqlClient 支援SqlClient Support for LocalDB
說明 SqlClient 對 LocalDB 資料庫的支援。Describes SqlClient support for LocalDB databases.

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